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We are one of the premier cast iron foundries in the USA, specializing in manufacturing small to medium runs of gray iron castings for all industries. Our castings range from ounces to 100 pounds with a maximum flask dimension of 20” x 24” x 8” over 7”.  As metal casting manufacturers, industries that we serve include, but are not limited to, natural gas, petroleum, agriculture, municipal castings, automotive castings, exercise, food processing, hydraulics, and decorative cast iron.

What We Do –

Our Grey Iron Casting Process

Tooling and Patterns

We can help you turn your casting needs into reality by starting with your print and creating the tooling you will need to cast the finished part, or by utilizing existing tooling. We also offer pattern storage on-site for your convenience.

Green Sand Molding

Molds are produced using 14”x19” and 20”x24” automatic, green sand molding machines. We run three molding and pouring lines simultaneously which are supplied with molten iron from our 7,000 pound induction furnaces.

Sand Cores

Cores are used in the casting process to make the interior shape and design of the casting. Shell cores are made on-site in our core department. No bake and cold box cores are provided through our contracted core suppliers.

Finishing Services

Castings are shot-blasted to remove left-over sand from the molding process then sent to our grinding department where parting lines and excess iron are removed. Each casting is carefully inspected and packaged for shipment. Castings are shipped in a large cardboard box on a pallet, but customized shipping is available upon request.

Why Choose Lemfco?


Generations of Knowledge

Our gray iron casting foundry is a fifth-generation owned and operated family business. That means our knowledge of the casting industry extends beyond the teachings of a classroom to knowledge that has been passed down, and added to, across five generations. Castings aren’t our job – they are our life.

Environmental Stewardship

The metal casting industry is the fourth largest contributor to the recycling economy. We purchase hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel and iron scrap each year. Our sand is continuously used, reconditioned, and re-used as long as possible. Once the sand has reached its useful life for casting, we have a beneficial re-use permit so the sand can be recycled for other uses. We are also currently exploring the addition of solar panels to our operations.

Central Location

As a gray iron casting foundry in Illinois, Lemfco is conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest, making it ideal for keeping shipping costs to a minimum. We are serviced by a large number of truck lines and will work with you to find the best option to meet your needs.

Portfolio Diversity

We actively work to keep our customer portfolio diverse. Not only does this mean we have experience with a wide variety of industries and their castings needs, it also ensures that Lemfco will remain a quality iron casting supplier for years to come by mitigating market fluctuations.

Quality Gray Iron castings have been our mission since 1912

As one of the premier cast iron foundry companies in USA, our dedicated employees continue to live this mission every day by making high quality castings to our customer’s specifications. We understand our customer’s need for consistent, quality castings and we employ an established Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure we meet these needs.  We are dedicated to being your preferred cast iron parts supplier and casting manufacturer.  

We perform routine supplier reviews and perform inspections of all incoming materials based upon product standards. We complete process audits and in-process manual inspections to detect and correct any problems that may arise during the manufacturing process. Our inspector performs a manual inspection of all castings before they are shipped.

When requested, we will supply material certifications, first article inspection reports, and chemical and material analysis.  

Lemfco, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Are you looking for a gray iron casting foundry?  As grey iron casting manufacturers, we would be happy to provide you with a quote for castings, tooling, and any value-added services you may need. Contact us today.  We look forward to working with you!

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