Lemfco provides high-quality gray iron castings up to 70 pounds using horizontally parted green sand molds utilizing the following equipment:

Molding Facilities · One Hunter HMP20 20"×24" with HV table
· Three Hunter HMP10 14"×19" with Hunter Turntables
Cleaning Facilities · One 14 cubic foot Wheelabrator
· All necessary stand and air grinding equipment
Mulling Facilities · Number 215G National Engineering Multimull
Core Room Facilities · Three Ferrodyne automatic shell core machines
· Two Beardsley-Piper shell core machines
· Seven Redford Shell core machines
Melting Facilities · Three Ajax Magnethermic 7000 pound coreless induction furnaces with two 1200kW power supply units
Type of Iron Poured · Class 20,000 psi to 35, 000 psi
Quality Control Facilities · One Elctro-Nite Data Cast for immediate analysis of carbon, silicon, and temperature
· One Electro-Nite Quick-Lab for analysis of carbon and silicon
· Brinnell Hardness testers
Major Customers · Natural gas equipment manufacturers, pump and valve manufacturers, castings for agricultural equipment manufacturers and hydraulic equipment castings
Monthly Melt ·Approximately 1600 tons
Casting Size · From ¼ pounds to 70 pounds
Employees · Approximately 40 production employees
· Plant Manager:
· Engineer:
· Foundry Supervisor:
Eric Einsweiler
Dirk Einsweiler
Kurt Einsweiler
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